Ennopro Group Limited

About Us

EnnoPro Group integrates industrial know-how, research and development, business experience and high-tech trends while specializing in manufacturing military equipment, assistive technology, special automotive accessories, battery products and energy solutions along with dedicated customer service. Boosting five brands under its roof, EnnPro Group invests more than a half a million dollars in R&D to bring more innovative ideas to its adopted markets and a reliable cooperation to its partners.

EnnoCar specializes in patented Ni-Mh battery packs for hybrid cars with more than ten years of experience. All EnnoCar products are environmentally friendly to fit the purpose of making the world more green and clean while the products fit into like the original.

EnnoTool provides high quality energy solutions for power tools and home appliance products to both OEM customers and individual users. All EnnoTool battery packs are subjected to high-level quality control checks and contain no cadmium, mercury or lead to support sustainability of pollution prevention and control.

EnnoPol’s emblem to produce durable and accurately crafted products for military purposes is renowned by major government institutions and units. The brand boosts OEM military and operational batons, cuffs, helmets, flashlights, projectors and batteries along with hybrid drone, combat, camera and monitoring systems integrations.

CEBA has ample experience of the production and exportation of a full range of batteries. Found in the year 2000 in Hong Kong, CEBA team has been working firmly to provide the customers with the best products. And, in 2006, due to the gained remarkable success and high demand, the brand’s sales forces and the network was expanded to Mainland China and a branch office was set up in Shenzhen.